Acterys Reporting visual licensing

Different cases of reporting license

Acterys Reporting can be licensed in 2 different ways: either as part of an Acterys Apps or xP&A subscription or as a standalone license via Microsoft Appsource.

As part of an Acterys xP&A or Apps Subscription

To configure the Acterys licensing just add the 3 fields from the OLAP.ServiceAccount table in your Acterys database (AP_xxx in case this hasn't been added to your Power BI report already, please add this table first with a MS SQL connection) to the visual:

Microsoft Appsource

Visual only licenses can be directly purchased in the Microsoft Appsource marketplace:

Once you have purchased the licenses they can be administrated via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. You will see the available licenses in the products section where you can also cancel them if necessary:



To assign licenses to users go the "Licenses" section:


From here you can assign licenses to the desired users: