Mapping Accounts / Sub - groups

Often you want to map accounts or other system entities (companies, products, contacts, etc.) in a different way than they are structured in your source system. Acterys provides a very simple way to do this either in Excel using the Acterys Excel Add-on or in the Acterys Modeller. Excel is typically the easiest option as you have all Excel features like copy/paste, drag and drop, validate, etc. at your disposal.

To map your data details just create a new column for the dimension (e.g., accounts, organization) that you want to use:

1-Mapping Account-SubGroup

Enter a name for the new column in the following dialog box:
2-Mapping Account-SubGroup

Not you can edit details for the new column e.g. mapping organizations to sub-consolidations/ accounts to account groups etc. directly in the browser or switch to Excel and use Edit Dimension.

The process can also be made easier by using “Linked Columns” that enable you to -in addition to typing the grouping details- select them from a list of allowed entries: Linked Columns